I Bordi

I Bordi is the result of an attempt at giving an harmonic sense to the universal voice of material. The result is a wraparound space which is also strikingly simple, a textured setting designed to welcome you and tantalise your senses. Its details are naturally inscribed in the material of its components, making it perfectly suitable for any particular interpretation, from Carrara marble to the ultra-modern Duralight®, and also Grey Stone.
The journey we imagined for I Bordi is a chiaroscuro one. A journey amid contrasts, luxury and simplicity, elemental shapes and opulent materials, where Duralight® is combined with the finest woods and creates a game of material and chromatic contrasts, amidst marbles, glass and the light nuances of the finest carpets and seats.
The uneven white of Carrara marble that overlaps and clashes with the uniform hue of Duralight® creates a soft and preciously simple contrast, while the black mirror frames mark the confines of an elegant, precious world made of painstaking details.
The Grey Stone bathtub - in the stand-alone version - imbues every setting with that primordial force that only the most remote and precious raw materials can give off. All the rest, every precious complement, is nothing but the perfect evidence of a wonderful harmony.